Brett Treacy

Brett Treacy

Brett is a Medical and Spiritual Intuitive offering a unique ability to see and manipulate energy for one on one or group energy adjustments as well as for businesses and situations.

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Brett Treacy is a Queensland born Australian now residing in the Whitsundays. Brett spent his younger years in being raised in Tully, Proserpine, Gympie and Townsville. An electrical apprenticeship was completed followed by a prolonged trip around Europe and Morocco via motorcycle. Passage over was by working on a Norwegian ore carrier witnessing the aftermath of the three day war as the ship sailed through the Suez canal.

On arriving back to Australia, Brett spent a stint in Western Queensland working in coal mine construction followed by settling on the Sunshine Coast where he married and had three children. He started an Electrical Contracting Business and later a Manufacturing Business doing business internationally in most continents.

Realising the highs and lows in business and a deteriorating relationship weren’t offering personal contentment, a search for more of a meaning and fulfilment to life commenced. Initially the journey started with a cd course on Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing as well as a crystal collection which led to conducting all courses available through a Pranic Healing School. The courses included Basic, Advanced, Crystal and Psychotherapy Healing as well as other courses in Feng Shui, Advanced Yoga techniques and many others. The pranic studies were followed by study in Theta Healing as well as a course in Cert IV Kinesiology. Other training was conducted in Soul Regression to Past Lives and In between Lives, Mediumship and Psychic Advancement as well as another determining Geopathic Stress, Lay lines, Death Imprints, Paranormal Events, Entity and other disturbances which affect our Environment and Personal Well Being. The cross section of learning has enabled Brett to have at his fingertips powerful tools to use in harmonising the energy of an individual and his/her environment.

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